8 Health Issues Specific to Women’s Health

top 8 health threats to women

Top 8 Health Threats to Women

Both men and women have different body types. The structural differences between men and women might be quite easy to observe. But human anatomy and inner working also differ a lot. Men have more strength in their arms and upper bodies. On the inside, the metabolism of men is higher. The female body converts food to fat faster, helping them store energy.

One interesting fact is that men are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. Still, women face many health concerns as well.

Health Issues to Women’s Health is severe at times and these should be given importance. Women often take their health for granted. They are so busy taking care of family and work that they forget themselves. Such ignorance can lead to complications. Women may face many types of health problems as well.

Top 8 Health Threats to Women – A woman’s body is more immune to diseases and germs as compared to a male’s body. This is due to the fact that their body gets more corn from its adrenal glands than men do. This results in women having a stronger immune system as compared to men. However, a woman’s fertility period lasts much shorter than men do. Men can continue to reproduce until the age of 70, while women hit menstruation at 35-40.

Women might have a stronger immune system as compared to their counterparts. There are only three diseases that only affect women and not men. These diseases are –

  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Ovarian Cancer
  3. Rett Syndrome

The first diseases affect only because of human anatomy. Rett Syndrome is the rarest cases of disorder which have a chance of occurring once in 10,000. It is a progressive neurodevelopmental disorder that affects mental impairment in young girls.

The women anatomy is complex. Complications may arise when a woman undergoes pregnancy. However, most pregnancies are safe if proper care and precautions are there. Here are 8 health issues specific to women’s health.

Breast Cancer-

Breast cancer is aggressive cancer and spreads in a rapid way. It originates in the lining of the milk ducts and can spread to other organs. The problem starts when breasts lump form near the mammary glands. Though the formation of such lumps is common in women. It is essential to get them checked right away. The percentage of women affected by this disease is quite high. It is a life-threatening disease if not checked early. However, the women of developed countries are more affected by this disease. It is due to the increased average life span.

Cervical Cancer-

The reason for this cancer is still unknown. This cancer moves forward in an aggressive way affecting nearby tissues. Though it shows no early symptoms. The later symptoms may include vaginal bleeding and pain during intercourse. Smoking and having many sexual partners can give rise to chances of cervical cancer.

Ovarian Cancer-

The female reproductive system has two varies, each located on either side of the uterus. Though the size of the ovaries is small, it produces ova, the female egg that helps in reproduction. Cancer occurs when certain mutations take place in the DNA. It creates a small tumor in the female reproductive system. Most types of tumors start just outside the ovaries. It then moves and affects the insides.

Pregnancy-related issues-

During pregnancy, a woman’s immune system is quite weak. If a woman has pre-existing health conditions, it can further complicate the time during pregnancy.

Pre-existing health conditions such as asthma or diabetes can cause RBCs during childbirth. This can cause danger to the lives of both mother and child. However, most of the pregnancy-related issues can be resolved beforehand. The changes in technology today have made this possible.


Researchers have found out that a woman’s brain is more prone to brain health disorders. They suffer from depression and anxiety. Depression is a leading cause of suicide among women. Women can get suicidal thoughts. They need help from experts and doctors. Also, the national suicide helpline is always available for people with these thoughts.

Heart Diseases-

The rate of women dying due to heart diseases in the US is very high. One out of 4 women suffers from heart disease. Most don’t even realize their heart problems until it becomes severe. High blood pressure, high sugar levels are a few common diseases that women suffer from.

Autoimmune Diseases-

In these types of diseases, the body’s threat of removing cells start attacking the body’s healthy cells. Though the reason for the problem is still unknown. Most autoimmune diseases only affect females. Some of these diseases are-

  1. Exhaustion
  2. Pain
  3. Skill problems

Most of these diseases occur when you do not take vitamins. Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body can cause many medical issues. Most of these essential minerals and vitamins are in sugar and salt.

Gynecological Disorders-

Women also have their menstrual cycles. The monthly blood discharge is normal in the cycle. However, there might be some problems that may arise from abnormal blood discharge. Women also face trouble in the form of erratic menstrual cycles. If the problem persists, it is better to visit a doctor. Irregular menstrual cycles cause mood swings. It also becomes a challenge to get pregnant. Women need to manage their severe disorders in a systematic way. A doctor’s advice is a must here.
Top 8 Health Threats to Women – So you see there are so many Health Issues to Women’s Health which needs attention. Women should take care of themselves and have a proper routine. Most of the women stressed out and it causes more medical concerns. Well, things can be better if women start taking initiative towards their health. A very simple thing that they can do is make use of the CBD oil. CBD a derivative of cannabis plant offers many benefits. It helps in digestion, reduces inflammation and promotes sleep. CBD contributes to better metabolism and immune system. It helps in fighting the symptoms of various diseases. As a woman, you can take advantage of CBD. You can adopt different healthy habits to deal with health challenges.