8 Health Issues Specific to Veterans’s Health

top 8 health threats to veterans

Top 8 Health Threats to Veterans

US military members live a lifestyle like nobody else. In the process, they get affected by a unique set of wellness and health issues. Military veterans during their career see it all. They are exposed to unproven vaccinations, harsh chemicals, and explosive blasts.

Top 8 Health Threats to Veterans – Talking about Health Issues to Veteran’s Health they take a huge amount of toll on their bodies. Not alone body blow but sometimes the toll rises to their minds as well. Even the toughest of warriors get affected by various health issues. But, they remain unaware of it. Awareness is the key to any medical condition. It is our duty to take care of our veterans who have given their heart and soul in protecting our country. Let’s take a look at 8 health issues specific to veteran’s health which they may be facing.

1. Autoimmune Disorders:

This is a common problem among the veteran population. The pure reason for this is stress. The trauma and stress that they go through lead to serious mental disorders. Veterans go through emotional and physical torture. Sometimes this trauma leads to autoimmune disorders. Traumatic stress triggers a lot of biological changes in the body. It leads to various other diseases as well. Veterans need special care. They deserve extra care from society to overcome health issues.

2. Hearing Loss:

Veterans are likely to suffer from hearing loss. During the course of their military career, they are standing near to running jet engines. It is being exposed to blasts and firing guns can lead to some form of hearing loss. For those who value their ears, they should know that military job is a high-risk occupation for them then.

3. Lung Problems:

Many veterans were stationed in Iraq. The noxious smoke was often filled in the air in Iraq. This is because of waste burns. Pits of medical waste, paints, chemicals, plastics, and munitions were burnt. You can’t breathe them on daily basis but veterans don’t have a choice. The toxins available in the smoke have resulted in various kinds of cancers in veterans. The cancer was of lung, eye, and skin among others. The other factors include foreign pollutants, chemical warfare agents and dust particles. There was exposure to exhaust among others. All of these factors result in lung infections. Symptoms for lung problems are persistent cough, chest pain, and difficulty in breathing. Excessive mucus in the throat was also a symptom.

4. Chemical Injuries:

Military occupants always live in the danger of being exposed to toxic chemicals. Renowned examples of people who have suffered from chemical injuries are veterans. These are the ones who participated in the Gulf war. To clear the jungles defoliation chemical was used. It caused a series of heart problems for many veterans. If it gets untreated various health problems can occur. This is not only for veterans. It is for all the people who have worked in and around chemical hazards can get contracted to it. Don’t let any symptoms go by and see a physician at the earliest.

5. Brain Injuries:

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries) is not new to veterans. This happens if the head gets stuck to a heavy object or explosive blast among others. While in war zones veterans face various explosive blasts. These have resulted in traumatic brain injuries. The pressure wave is created from explosive blasts. It causes damage to the delicate tissues of the brain. These type of injuries results in severe problems. These problems are loss of consciousness and mild disorientation. In the long run, it results in memory loss as well.

6. Mental Health Issues:

A military job is traumatic in nature. All the veterans during the course of their career are exposed to some gruesome scenes. It does affect their brain and they may find it depressing too. They hardly live in peace and hence are more likely to suffer from some form of mental health issues. If you experienced such a condition after your service doesn’t give up. These problems are controllable and treatable.

7. Infectious Diseases:

This is one of the biggest threats to veterans. Before deployment, they all are vaccinated but sometimes it’s not enough. They can get forms of infectious diseases. Veterans can get contracted with are viruses, parasites, fungal infection, and bacterial infections. The problem is that military men and women are unaware of parasitic diseases. For example, leishmaniasis is something they might not be aware of. This disease is caused due to Middle East sand fly biting. Veterans suffer from muscle pain, and weight loss. These can be fatal if these diseases are not given proper treatment on time.

8. Depression:

As per NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), around 14 percent of service men suffer from depression.

They live a life which is a life full of action. They have to live a hard life during their service years and they sometimes go in depression. They are depression as soon as their service years are over. Yet they should know it is a treatable disease. All one needs is to see a psychiatrist or go for electroconvulsive therapy. As per reports 8 out of 10 suffering from depression are treated successfully.

Veterans get contracted to diseases that normal people not. This is because of the life that they live during their service years. If you know any veterans then do remember the above-mentioned problems. The servicemen can go through and help him/her in crisis. They are extraordinary people and that is why they need extraordinary care as well.
These are the Top 8 Health Threats to Veterans. Veterans do develop some types of illnesses which become difficult to deal with. They can struggle with depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

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