8 Health Issues Specific to Seniors’s Health

top 8 health threats to senior

Top 8 Health Threats to Senior

Old people have various health challenges. Wrinkles, Greying Hair and forgetting things are not even considered as issues. Senior’s account of around 12 percent of the world’s population. It will increase to 20 percent in the next 20 years. Thus, it is important to know the common Health Issues to Senior’s Health. Aging can cause unique health challenges. Recognizing these challenges and taking preventive measures at the right time can help. You should be ready to help yourself and things will become better.

To live a healthy aging life let’s discuss Top 8 Health Threats to Senior Health. It will allow old people to take preventive measures timely.

1. Chronic Health Conditions:

As per the National Council on Aging report, 90 percent of seniors have at least one chronic disease. Nearly 70 percent have at least two. Among the most common chronic conditions are stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. These diseases lead to two third of death every single year. To overcome chronic conditions one should do his/her checkup annually. Also one needs to keep an exercise routine and maintain healthy eating habits. Obesity too is among the most common Health issues to Senior’s Health. Hence taking care of obesity will help you overcome various chronic conditions. Regular exercise and paying attention to diet can do a lot. If you take medicines for chronic health issues then take medicines on time. It is critical for staying in good health.

2. Cognitive Health:

Cognitive Health primarily focuses on a person’s ability to learn, think and remember. The most common among cognitive health issues faced by seniors is dementia. Approximately 50 million people in this world have dementia. This is an alarming sign as a study shows that this number will triple by 2050. As per the National Institute of Aging, other chronic conditions can develop Dementia.

Smoking, depression, HIV, and diabetes increase the risk of dementia . among others. Also, there is no permanent cure for dementia. Physicians can only recommend medication to manage dementia. Quitting bad habits like smoking and drinking can ease the trouble.

3. Mental Disorder:

According to WHO, more than 15 percent of seniors suffer from mental disorders. They are of 60 years or more. The most common mental disorder in seniors is depression. The problem with depression is that it is not taken in a serious way and underdiagnosed. Adults committing suicide is increasing day by day. Seniors need a healthy environment to live in. People suffering from mental disorders need support from friends and family. There are also various support groups that help treat depression in seniors.

4. Malnutrition:

Eating habits changes severely in adults and hence leads to malnutrition. Around 15 percent of people over 65 are suffering from malnutrition. The numbers are shocking but are real. Malnutrition leads to other health issues. These issues are muscle weakness and a weakened immune system. All it takes is just altering some changes in diets such as the inclusion of fruits and decrease salt and fat. Working with a nutritionist will allow you to have good health.

5. Arthritis:

This is arguably the number one condition that people aged 60 or above are suffering from. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has started that. About 47 percent of people aged 65 suffer from Arthritis. Arthritis leads to a lower quality of life for senior people. To cure arthritis developing an activity plan for daily things is crucial. Along with treatment, many people suffering from arthritis becomes inactive.

6. Alzheimer’s disease:

Alzheimer’s disease accounted for over 100k death alone in the US among the people aged 65 or above in 2018. As per reports one in every eight people age 65 or more have this disease. The problem with Alzheimer is that it is difficult to diagnose. All one can do to prevent it from acknowledging the cognitive impairment as it plays a huge role in it. The cost of curing Alzheimer’s disease is also very high.

7. Oral Health:

This is something which is more often than not overlooked. As per the CDC’s division of oral health more than 30 percent of people aged 65 or more have their natural teeth. Hence the problem of tooth decay and cavities can lead to low self-esteem. Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial. This also leads to other health conditions as well. These conditions can be easily prevented and managed. Going for routine dental check-ups can help. One should also stick with basics when it comes to oral hygiene.

8. Bladder Control and Constipation:

Constipation and Incontinence are common with aging people. These conditions affect the quality of life that adults live. These problems can occur because of the various other diseases. It becomes severe with age. Medical treatments are available to cure such conditions. Seniors should not feel embarrassed to discuss such conditions. They can discuss it with their family and physicians.

Top 8 Health Threats to Senior – Among serious health issues, AIDS/HIV and Cancer are also very common. The late diagnosis of any above-mentioned condition can worsen the situation of adults. First of all, seniors also need to be vocal about their health conditions. They must talk to their physicians and family. If not diagnosed timely it can be fatal as well. Seniors should trim their diet as they grow old. They should also accommodate some physical activities to keep themselves engaged. Being inactive also leads to various diseases. Hence no matter how old you are it is vital to do some physical work or exercise.
These are some of the Health Issues Specific to Senior’s Health. To make things right, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and go for regular medical check-ups too. Using CBD oil is advantageous. First of all, CBD is a medical compound. It is organic and pure as a natural resource. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can work for various health issues. It promotes sleep, relieves pain symptoms and calms the nerves. One can choose different CBD products and supplements.  It has no side effects. It allows seniors to cope up with daily health challenges successfully.