8 Health Issues Specific to Men’s Health

top 8 health threats to men

Top 8 Health Threats to Men

Men are at risk for a variety of health problems and different illnesses all through their lives. It depends on their lifestyle and family history. Visiting regularly for a health check-up can help manage and prevent common men’s health issues. It is also a proven fact that from infancy to old age women are healthier than men. Among the leading causes of death, men lead women by a fair margin. Health issues to Men’s Health depend upon the way they live their lives. Consumption of alcohol, chewing tobacco and smoking leads to various health issues. Most of the reasons are biological yet a man’s approach towards his health also plays an important role. The problem with men is that they put their health last. Let’s discuss Top 8 Health Threats to Men :

1. Heart Health
Heart health comes in many ways. You should know that it can lead to fatal complications. It can also cause some serious health issues if undetected at an earlier stage. An American study proves that one in every 3 adult men have some or the other form of cardiovascular disease. Every year 3 million people die because of stroke. You should visit a doctor often after the age of 40. The risk factor in cardiovascular disease depends upon:

  • your blood pressure,
  • smoking habits and
  • cholesterol levels

2. Respirator Disease or COPD
Respiratory disease starts with ‘smoker’s cough’. It can also be because of family history as well. Over a period of time, it can lead to life-threatening conditions as well. Diseases such as COPD, emphysema, and lung cancer are common diseases. These diseases happen because of respiratory problems. Smoking remains the leading reason for lung cancer. Every year over 2 million people die because of it.
3. Alcohol
Many men consider alcohol as their friend. One should know that it’s actually for which consumes your life in the long run. The rate of people facing alcohol-related death problems is much higher in men than women. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of throat and mouth cancer eventually. The liver and colon also get damaged due to the high consumption of alcohol. Alcohol also reduces hormone production and can result in impotence.
4. Diabetes
Diabetes if not detected at an early stage then it can lead to kidney and nerve damage. It can also lead to stroke and heart disease and also vision problems as well. Men who are suffering from diabetes are always at a risk of lower testosterone levels. Thus leading to sexual impotency and this can lead to anxiety or depression. The best and easiest way to prevent diabetes is to do exercise daily and eat healthily. Family history also plays an important role in diabetes. In such cases, it becomes vital to have timely screening for diabetes. Checking sugar levels at proper intervals is a must. It will allow you to take specific measures when required.
5. Pneumonia and Influenza
Pneumonia and Influenza are among the leading health issues to men’s health. Men who compromise immune systems because of congestive heart failure, diabetes, AIDS, sickle cell anemia or COPD are more likely to have these sorts of illnesses. Men are 30 percent more likely to die because of these diseases in comparison to women. Vaccination is the best way to prevent Pneumonia and Influenza. The two diseases can be life-threatening at times. It is necessary to pay attention to your immune system.
6. Erectile Dysfunction
This is a common health problem in men over 40 these days. This disease is not a life-threatening one but is still an important health issue in men. Men with ED have less enjoyment in life and hence this can lead to depression. It is caused by atherosclerosis. It is the same process that leads to strokes and heart attacks. It is also considered as an early sign for cardiovascular disease. Treatments are available. People with this problem can have a satisfying sex life if they cure the condition. In this disease more than your sex life it is your life which is at risk.
7. Depression and Suicide
Depression is not just because of a rough patch or bad mood. It is actually an emotional disturbance in men’s life that affects the overall health of men. American Depression Association has reported about men’s depression. As per the report, the rate of men suffering from depression is high. It is higher than that of women. During depression energy levels, appetite and sleep all get disturbed. Men have the tendency to hide their sadness and this can sometimes lead to suicide as well. Hence regular counseling is very important if you are suffering from depression.
8. AIDS and HIV
Men account for 80percent among the people infected with HIV. The problem with HIV is that it is hard to realize it. The early symptoms are flu or cold which men mostly ignore. By the time they realize that they have a serious health issue it’s already late. Men who have sex with men are more likely to get infected with HIV. This report is as per the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention).

Since you know about some of the top health risks that affect men, it is your duty to change your lifestyle habits. Being proactive about your health will be beneficial in the long run. Sometimes men feel that addressing health issues can be a scar. They don’t realize that avoiding it is deadly.
Top 8 Health Threats to Men – Now you know about the Health Issues to Men’s Health. Learning about these issues will help you find a solution to deal with it. Making lifestyle changes and going for regular checkups is necessary. Taking the CBD oil for different ailments can be helpful too. CBD interacts with the body endocannabinoid system. CBD can spur hunger in men and give them relief from pain. The pain healing properties of CBD is ideal for men who suffer from chronic pain. It reduces anxiety and depression symptoms. It promotes sleep and gives a soothing effect to the nerves. It has no side effects and enhances your quality of life.