7 Tips for coping with ADHD for Women

tips for coping with adhd

Tips for Coping with ADHD Women

Most of the women feel a sense of relief as soon as they find out that they have ADHD. ADHD is Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Women feel stupid and inadequate until their ADHD remains undiagnosed. Many theories have proved that women with ADHD have above average intelligence. They are more bright. As soon as women realize that they have ADHD their feeling of adequacy fade away. This rather put women in a much better position to manage and treat their ADHD symptoms.

Managing ADHD at the workplace:

Tips for coping with ADHD For women, they need to make efforts to deal with it at the workplace. You should learn to break the tasks down in small steps. Then you should follow a systematic approach of organizing. Use daily planners and reminders to make this possible. Organize and decide what you need and what you don’t. Don’t keep the clutter. You must take notes and wrote lists. It will make things better. What can you do?

Create space and ask yourself what you need daily.

Find storage space and closets to keep things you do not need. You should design a specific area for keeping things. A specific area should be for keeping important things like bills, keys, and other items. Keep those things away you do not need.

Use a day planner and calendar-

Using a calendar and day planner on your Smartphone can help. It will help you remember the appointments and deadlines. Automatic reminders will help you.

Why You Don’t Realize You Had ADHD in School?

In general, if you see girls with ADHD symptoms are inattentive and less hyperactive. This is one of the primary reasons why girls are less diagnosed in comparison to boys. For teachers to it is far easier to identify a hyperactive boy than a girl who is busy daydreaming. An intelligent girl can hide her ADHD while in school. Most of the schools provide deadlines and structures which are very helpful if you have ADHD. In general, if you see, girls are way more concerned than the boys of what people think about them. Thus, girls do all that they can to fit the expectation of not only teachers but their fellow students as well.

There are various tips for women with ADHD. Let’s discuss 7 Tips for Women With ADHD:1. Get Diagnosed:

Don’t live in catch 22 situations if you think you have ADHD. Make this your priority and get it diagnosed. Getting diagnosed will help you have a positive effect on how not just you but also others feel about you. Various studies have proven that women are more positive. When it comes to forgiving themselves for the mistakes that they have done in the past they can handle it. Thus once women get diagnosed they can have more control over their current lives.

2. Coexisting Conditions:

ADHD and other conditions go hand in hand. This means if you have ADHD it is certain that you have other problems as well as traveling with you. The most common coexisting conditions that women with ADHD feel are anxiety. They may have an eating disorder, alcoholism, chronic sleep deprivation, and depression. These are a few conditions. One should work closely with their doctors to know which problem they are going through. Medication will help but it is not a cure.

3. Let Go The Domestic Guilt:

Don’t feel ashamed or guilty about your house having not tidy as others. There are various other important things in life to worry about. Try to know about some ADHD-friendly ways to clean and organize your house. Yet, don’t let it toy with your confidence. You can also hire a cleaner or let your spouse take care of the things on which you aren’t good at.

4. Driving:

If you are inattentive at your ADHD then you are standing at greater risk of accidents while driving. You can be inattentive some time. In such cases, you can consider driving a car that has a manual gearbox. Avoid an automatic one as it will keep you engaged. One important thing that shouldn’t be ignored is to switch off your cell phone as it can distract you. Never ever drink and drive as it can reduce your attention further. Recreations drugs too can be harmful and one should avoid driving if you consumed any forms of drugs.

5. Speed:

It’s a myth that most of the women feel that they are slow at work then the other women’s. They take more time to do regular work. Housework, filling forms, replying to an email or working on regular tasks can be hard to handle. In such cases try to figure out the things which you can do faster than the others. This will not just boost your confidence but will help you overcome as well. You should know both your strengths and weaknesses at the same time and try to play on your own strengths.

6. Perfectionism:

No one is perfect and so let go the need of it. Striving for perfection will hamper your self-esteem. You might take a long time doing regular things. Don’t set any high standards for yourself as it can make you feel pressurized from inside.

7. Hyperactivity:

If you are suffering from hyperactivity then find yourself a sport. Make sure you take time for it every day. Even exercises can help as well. It will help you feel calm and focused. Women with hyperactivity don’t get tired easily and hence you can take it in a positive way.
Tips for coping with ADHD: As per some studies, women with ADHD can even sometimes forget to eat, go to the bathroom or even rest. Thus all you need to do is some exercises which can help you stay calm and focused. Keep yourself engaged and don’t long for perfectionism. Try to get enough sleep as not having enough sleep can also lead to exacerbating ADHD symptoms. The use of CBD oil is also good to deal with the symptoms of ADHD. CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant that has pain healing properties. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well.