Get Relief From Fall Allergies

relief from fall allergies

How to Get Relief From Fall Allergies?

Most people contact allergies during the summer season. Few people develop various problems such as a runny nose or an itchy throat during the fall season as well. During the season of Fall or Autumn pollens release into the air. The change of hot weather to cool makes the air dry, also brings a lot of diseases with them. Though the problem caused by these allergies isn’t severe, it can result in death. You need to check these early. It is a good way to make sure that you don’t contact any diseases or any type of future health complications.

There are some precautions that you need to take to get relief from fall allergies. You will have to notice the symptoms as well. This will allow you to avoid allergies. Allergies are of various types. Some types of allergies can interfere with day to day activities.

Allergy Symptoms to look for in fall season

Allergy symptoms are simple and it shows some signs. One can notice them. The body part that shows allergy symptoms should be away from dust or germs. If germs and dust are there, then you might get a runny nose. Also, itchy wet eyes and accompanied by a sore throat. People sometimes also experience loss of appetite and an upset stomach. The person might feel that his lungs are heavy, with few people developing mild asthma. People also cough a bit, try clear their windpipe and lungs of any dust particles. The skin also becomes dry and itchy, with skin shedding happening in some places. In extreme cases, the person may develop diarrhea.

Currently, there is no perfect cure to allergies that occur during fall. There is no cure for many other allergies as well. There are certain steps one can take to protect themselves from allergies. Also, certain medication can also help to ease the pain and illness. It is a result of fall allergies. However, it is always better to get yourself checked by a doctor before taking any medication. Though the perfect cure might not be present, there are certain steps one can take. It will allow you to keep safe from allergies in the fall season.

1. Keep the windows closed-

The season of autumn brings winds and mild rains. Though the outside weather is nice, it is often advisable to keep the windows closed. If the person has a history of allergies during this season taking care is necessary. Also, one can install a HEPA filter in their homes, which cleans the air. Installation of HEPA filters on ACs and window panels keep the air free from pollen.

2. Wash up as often as you can-

Those people who contact allergies easily need to take precautions. They must take proper care of themselves during the fall season. After coming from outdoors, it is best to wash hands with soap or bacteria killing hand wash. Also, avoid drying out your clothes outside. If the pollen count is high, try considering drying the clothes in closed areas. Try to keep outdoor footwear like shoes outside the home. The make sure no pollens enter the house. Taking showers twice a day will also reduce the chance of allergies.

3. Use protective gearing-

Wearing a mask and eyeglasses is a good way to cover the face from pollens if one decides to head out. Nowadays, the pollution level in the air is also quite high. So, getting a good quality breathing mask is a good investment towards your health. The mask not only filters out pollens, dust and germs, but certain ones are also washable. So one can rewash them to use again. Also, wear a light jacket to protect yourself from mild winds.

4. Maintain a good diet-

People should consume a good amount of fruits and vegetables can avoid allergies. They will develop fewer cases of pollen allergy in the adolescence. Eating healthy has many benefits. It not only keeps your immune system strong but helps to fight pollen allergies. Eat at least one vegetable and fruit daily. Fruits and vegetables contain all the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. Children who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits can avoid allergies. A recent study also proved this.

5. Use ENT drops regularly-

There are various over the counter ENT drops available. Using these eyes/ear drops as often as you can to keep these parts of your clean. It not helps keeps the germs away, but also reduces the chances of contacting allergies. One can also create their own DIY nasal cleaning kit. You have to mix 3 spoons of iodide-free salt with 1 spoon of baking soda and store it in an airtight container. While using, take one spoon of the mixture and dissolve in 8 ounces of water. Use a nasal spray to clean the nostrils.

6. Drink plenty of water-

If the body stays hydrated, the person stays fit. Good water levels in the body regulate good waste ejection while peeing. One can also drink hydrating fluids like juice, and tea to regulate water levels in the body.

It is important to take care if the pollen season is nearby. Also, one must check the pollen levels in their city online. It will help you to be sure how much care you need. It will help you prepare well in advance.


So, to get relief from fall allergies you will have to take some action. You need to watch what you eat and where you are to avoid it. Another thing which you can do is make use of CBD oil. CBD helps to relief from sinus inflammation. It promotes the overall health of a person. The CB1 receptors in the nervous system and CB2 receptors are in the immune system. These receptors in the body are responsible for causing inflammation. The oil regulates neurotransmitters and it interacts with these receptors. There are no side effects of CBD. It regulates sleep and has pain healing properties.