All about Neurodegenerative Disease

neurodegenerative disease

Neurodegenerative Disease

Do you know about neurodegenerative diseases? Neurodegenerative diseases are diseases that affect the working of neurons. These diseases damage the mobility of neurons. It will result in impairing a person’s movement and other motor skills. Many neurodegenerative diseases are quite common in today’s society. These include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

These diseases are degenerative in nature. Most of the times the damage done by these diseases is irreparable. Scientists are still searching for a cure to such diseases.

The risk of getting affected by neurodegenerative diseases increases with age. People above the age of 60 are developing these diseases. The causes of these diseases are still unknown. Scientists often conclude that genetic mutation and the stressful environment is the cause of these diseases. It is the major reason why people develop such diseases at an old age. Today’s environmental conditions might also be a reason for the spread of these diseases.

Continue to read all about neurodegenerative diseases so you can assist your loved ones suffering from these diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease-

It causes brain cells to slow, which eventually dies out. It is also one of the most common forms of dementia. In this disease, the person slowly loses their ability to remember. It happens because most of their brain cell starts fading away. The first thing that Alzheimer’s affects is the person’s ability to think and memory impairment. The patient might experience a loss of their thinking capability. Slowly the person will forget almost everything. The person will not be able to remember little things. In the earlier stages, the patient gets a mild form of dementia, where they start to forget certain things. Although their daily lives are not affected at this point, their sense of smell gets subs ceded.

As the disease progresses, the person’s memory weakens. They start forgetting crucial words in their daily conversations. They also lose their memory of places and are prone to get lost in crowded places. The disease also affects a person’s mood, which results in frequent mood swings. At the later stages of progress, the condition of the patient working may be worse. They will require assistance in doing daily work. Bathing, wearing clothes and relating to the surroundings becomes a challenge.

Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease-

Scientists are still to find the root cause of this disease. They believe that complex chemical reactions start taking place inside the brain. It happens about 10 years ago. The onset can also be brought by a mixture of genetic factors and lifestyle choices. There is no way to reverse the damage of Alzheimer’s as of now. But, researches have shown that the onset of these diseases can be delayed. It can be done by social activities and by living a healthy life.

Parkinson’s disease-

It is one of the most harmful progressive neurodegenerative diseases. It affects a person’s motor skills. Frequent tremors can be seen in the hands of the affected people. People whose frequency might increase the disease progresses. Though the early signs of the diseases are barely noticeable. The overall movement speed of a person decreases over time. The person might also get rigid bones and have trouble writing. Parkinson’s also affects the way a person speaks, making them slur and often people speak softly.

Causes of Parkinson’s Disease-

As the nerve cells in the brain get destroyed, the brain starts losing neurons. This results in the brain producing extra dopamine forces unnatural chemical reactions. These reactions take place in the brain. Though the exact cause of this disease is relatively unknown. The genes of a person and their overall health might be a deciding factor. It will tell if they get affected by this neurodegenerative disease or not. This disease also affects people around the age of 60. Also, this disease mostly affects men and is a genetic disease. However, the chances of getting this disease if a relative has are still quite low.

Huntington’s disease-

It is a neurodegenerative disease. It affects the emotions of a person while giving them uncontrolled movement problems. It also causes various psychiatric disorders and also affects a person’s memory. People might get this problem at a young of 20, which this disease is most common among people of age groups 30&40. There are medications that can slow the effect of this problem. There is still no cure for this disease. People suffering from Huntington’s disease show some traits. They have their movement and muscle control severely impaired. Dystonia or rigid muscles also accompanies this disease.

A person affected by this neurodegenerative disease also faces trouble while speaking. They may sometimes reproduce certain words. The thought process of the person also slows down. They are often stuck in their own thoughts, thus being lost in their own world. It also increases the risk of various psychiatric disorders. These disorders are OBC, mania and bipolar disorder.

Causes of Huntington’s disease-

It is caused by an inherent gene that is defected. Since each child requires two copies of genes from their parents, each child has a 50 percent chance of developing this disease. This disease can be passed down genetically. But, modern fertilization processes like Vitro can help eliminate this disease.
Now you know about neurodegenerative diseases and it is hard to deal with them. The thing is that these diseases have no cure. Only the symptoms can be controlled. The doctors can give a treatment plan that can help a patient to deal with the current situation. The treatment may offer some benefits as well. In the long run, the patient will have to face the deadly consequences of the disease. Some diseases can be controlled, but some have no cure at all.

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