Natural Remedies for Arthritis

natural remedies for arthirits

Top Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis is a medical condition related to joints. Inflammation on one or multiple joints results in arthritis. The most common symptoms of arthritis are stiffness and joint pain. These symptoms get worse with your age. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two most common forms of arthritis. Arthritis and joint pains go hand in hand. Treatment in arthritis varies on the type of arthritis you are facing. The main motto of arthritis treatment is to reduce its common symptoms. The treatments help you live a quality life.

The five most common types of arthritis are:

  • Osteoarthritis – It is nothing but the wear and tear of muscle joints.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis-

In this type of arthritis, the immune system attacks various parts of the joint and body. In this condition moving your joints becomes constant trouble.

  • Psoriatic Arthritis– It happens mostly on the tips of knees and elbows. Patients with this condition may suffer from psoriasis and arthritis as well.
  • Gout Arthritis – The built up of uric acid and crystals in joint results in gout. inflammatory arthritis in one of the form is Gout Arthritis.
  • Lupus– It does not just affect your joints but various organs of the body as well.

Arthritis is usually common in seniors aged 65 years or more. It affects people of all age groups including children as well. Doctors treat arthritis mostly with anti-inflammatory medications. Sometimes you might have to use painkillers as well but it is fine. If you don’t want a treatment by your doctor then choose a natural treatment. Here are some natural remedies for arthritis as well which can provide you relief.

10 natural remedies for arthritis are:-

1. Hot and cold therapy:-

Hot and cold therapy can make a huge difference if you are suffering from arthritis pain. Warm showers especially early in the morning help you ease stiffness in joints. You can use a heating pad at night as it can loosen up your joints.

In contrast, cold treatments are also helpful. They help in relieving swelling, joint pain, and inflammation. Wrap some ice in a towel. Apply it on the joints. You will get fast relief and extreme comfort. It is essential to monitor the skin at the same time as these treatments can also damage your skin. These treatments are though for just short term use and should be used for temporary relief.

2. Weight loss:

Obesity is one of the main reasons for arthritis. Increased weight affect directly on joints and increase more pressure on joints. This overpressure can break the cartilage and make the osteoarthritis condition worse. Hence weight loss can ease pressure on the joints and in turn reduces your stiffness and pain.

Losing weight will not only reduce your joints pain but will also improve your mobility. It also helps in the prevention of any future damage to your joints.

3. Right fatty acids:-

For optimum health one needs to add omega-3 fatty acids in their daily diet. These fats are very helpful for your arthritis. You can find omega-3 in fish oil supplements and flax seeds as well. They help you reduce your stiffness and joint pain. The omega-3 fatty acids also help in reducing the inflammation in your body. They also play an important role in regulating the immune system as well.

4. Turmeric:

Turmeric is an Indian spice used in all Indian dishes. It has a chemical named curcumin. It helps in reducing arthritis pain. It is an effective remedy for Arthritis. Turmeric has many health benefits and this natural herb can do a lot more than you can think of.

5. Massage:

One of the oldest and the traditional way to treat arthritis is going for a regular massage. Massaging of arthritic joints can be very helpful. Massaging helps in reducing stiffness and joints pain. It also improves joints motion. Massaging lowers the production of the stress hormone called cortisol. Massage also improves your mood by boosting up your serotonin levels.

6. Meditation:-

Relaxation or Meditation techniques can help you reduce pain from arthritis. Meditation is the best way to reduce stress. It also makes you stronger to cope with arthritis better.

7. Aquatic exercises:-

Swimming is one of the best ways not just to relax but to have some relief from joint pain as well. Swimming itself is an exercise and can be helpful for people with arthritis. Aquatic exercises help in reducing body weight. Obesity is a prime reason for arthritis so choosing some activities can help you. They act as an important remedy for arthritis. Your body will move and it will keep your joints in working condition.

8. Yoga:-

Yoga is also like meditation. Doing yoga will reduce your arthritis pain. It will also help in healing other health conditions as well. It increases the body’s flexibility and improves lower stress. Iyengar yoga is the best form of yoga for people suffering from arthritis. Yoga over the years has had significant improvements in mood, health, and quality of life.

9. Exercise:-

Other than weight loss as well there are various benefits that exercise offers. Exercise is a must for people with arthritis. It gives you flexibility and strength. Exercise also helps in reducing joint pain and thereby helps combat fatigue. When arthritis takes you down exercising can keep you moving.

10. Consume ginger:-

Ginger contains chemicals that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on your body. Ginger improves the digestive system which helps in healing various health problems including arthritis. Including ginger in your diet can do wonders and it is one of the best remedies for arthritis.


These are the natural remedies. It can give you relief from arthritis to some extent. With this, you can also make use of the CBD oil as it has the potential to reduce pain and swelling. CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain healing properties. It can give one relief from the symptoms of arthritis. Though you will need some treatment from your doctor and the natural remedies will also help. But, the oil will be useful to give you relief. CBD offers many benefits. Many people take supplements of CBD for different diseases. It has been a beneficial solution for most people.