7 ADHD-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Memory

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ADHD-Friendly Ways to Improve Memory ADHD

ADHD is a medical condition. In this condition, the brain development and brain activity go for a toss. It can affect the attention and the ability to sit still. One may even lose self-control. It can affect the child at home, school, and friendships. Learning the signs of ADHD will help you assist someone with ADHD. If you have it then you need some friendly ways to improve your memory. As a result, you can end up feeling sad about it or bad about you. Kids may find it difficult to pay attention and listen.

ADHD is generally known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a common condition in children. Adults also have it, but children face this more. It can cause several problems in everyday life. You can miss important events and work deadlines. In this condition, you may even put your loving family in an embarrassing situation. They may not be able to follow the directions also. You will notice the following signs in them.

Inattentive: Kids who are not attentive and get distracted have trouble to focus. They will not be able to concentrate or stay focused on their task. They will not listen to the directions and miss important details. They will daydream. Just like anyone they will want some friendly ways to improve your memory.

Hyperactive: They will be fidgety, easily bored and restless. They will not be able to sit still and stay quiet when required. They will rush through the things and make careless mistakes. They will climb and jump when they should not. They will act in ways to disrupt others.

Impulsive: The kids will also be impulsive. They might grab and push. They find it hard to wait.
Here are 7 ADHD-friendly ways to improve and support your memory.
1. Focus your attention:-
To remember something you need to be aware and able to pay attention. Having ADHD can make this problematic! You will not be able to pay attention to everything, so be strategic. Just pick up a few things on which you can concentrate. Some activities are embarrassing. Sometimes, you will not remember that you have turned the gas or geyser off, or have you locked the not? Another thing that can happen is, you may forget that whether you have allowed your pet inside or not. You should remember to be present and mindful while performing these tasks. Never do multitasking during this activity. It will limit stressful situations. Focusing on one thing will also improve your memory.
2. Create a Checklist:
Check lists are helpful to everyone. It helps in organizing things in a systematic way. List out almost everything that you can do. You can write lists about buying things from grocery, trips, and shopping. You can write down everything you need to do. The interesting thing about lists is that you need to pay attention to write one. It will allow you to organize your thoughts. It will bring a positive impact on your memory. You do not have to refer to the list, it is for your convenience.
3. Take enough Vitamin D:-
For poor memory, Vitamin D is a must. ADHD and low levels of vitamin D go hand in hand. If you have low levels of vitamin D and a poor memory then you need vitamin D.
Apart from getting your daily Vitamin D supplement, be sure to take some time off and bask in the sunlight. This will help you fulfill your Vitamin D quota. As they say, if you can’t eat it, soak it!
4. Omega-3:-
Omega 3 is a super food and is great for your memory. So have a diet rich in Omega 3. Walnuts, fish, and flaxseed are rich in Omega 3. If you lack food sources rich in Omega 3, you can consume a tablet. It’s a friendly way to improve your memory.
5. Make use of tools that can help you with Memory:-
What’s wrong with using a few handy memory-tools? There’s no need to feel ashamed about it. Many people with ADHD dislike using agendas and reminders on their phones. This happens because they think they “should” be able to remember these things. You don’t need to punish yourself. Accept these tools for their functional utility to improving your life. You will arrive on time for meetings and remember your partner’s birthday. This allows you to excel at work and enjoy happy and fulfilling relationships. Test your memory in fun and entertaining ways where the stakes are not high. Playing memory games exercises your powers of recalling information. This will be useful when you actually need to remember something.
6. Reduce Stress:-
Calm down! Your memory gets affected when you’re stressed. The good news is that the activities that help in relieving stress are also handy in managing ADHD. These activities include regular exercise, meditation, a healthy diet and sleeping on time.
7. Get Enough Sleep:-
Sleep deprivation affects your memories in the following two ways:

  1. a) Lack of sleep makes it difficult to focus on what is happening at the present moment.
  2. b) The assimilation and gathering of information occur during the day. So that you can refer it in future.

Approximately 75% of people living with ADHD have trouble falling asleep. So, make a commitment to learning about the relation between ADHD and sleep. Also, try to figure out a way to connect with your body’s circadian rhythms. Facing a problem in maintaining sleep?

  1. You should gather information from the right sources.
  2. You should also not feel shy to visit a doctor.
  3. You must discuss your problem with your physician. This will help in regularizing your sleep.
  4. Sleep is important for re-energizing your body for various tasks. If you do not take enough sleep, you will feel sick and weak.
  5. A regular sleep pattern is a must for a healthy body. So what are you thinking? Be active to be healthy. Take care of your health.

So these are some friendly ways to improve your memory and to deal with ADHD. The use of CBD oil can also be effective here. It is because it reduces anxiety symptoms and doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. It will soothe the nerves, and give complete relaxation to the mind. It is necessary to deal with ADHD symptoms.