How to Go to Sleep Fast?

how to go to sleep fast and faster

how to go to sleep faster and fall asleep quickly?

how to go to sleep faster : Sleeping is the human body’s way of resetting. As any machine needs to turn off after heavy use, the human body must also be given a break after a long day. Hence, it is important for humans to fall asleep. It allows the body to relax and gives rest to most of the organs of the body. When the body is asleep, the blood pressure drops. The muscles get an increased supply of blood, relaxing them. When the human body is in deep sleep, tissue regeneration occurs. This helps in the healing of wounds and also helps replace worn-out tissue. Most of the human organs relax during deep sleep. Although, the brain is still working at its regular efficiency.

How to fall asleep : A lot of people suffer from sleep disorders and they need the help of a doctor. It is vital to take the help of a doctor because irregular sleep patterns can cause many diseases. It also results in mood swings. Ignoring the benefits of sleep can take a toll on your health.

Why you should have sound sleep?

People that follow a healthy sleep schedule often have more energy during the day. Not only does one feel fresh from waking up from a deep sleep, but the muscles are also completely relaxed. After a good night sleep, you are ready to do more work. However, sometimes it is hard to go to sleep faster. With the infusion of technology in our day-to-day lives, it is difficult to fall asleep. People are habitual of checking their electronics and using their phones.

People keep checking their smartphones and tablets for notifications. Thus they are not able to fall asleep. They stay awake for a long time and their bodies can’t get proper rest.

You need to take some steps about, how to fall asleep fast?. There are many ways to fall asleep fast. Most of them are pretty basic and easy to learn. However, a few require skill and practice. Here are certain ways to help you go to sleep fast.

a. Clear your mind-

The human mind is often left cluttered with data and instances after a day of hard work. As one lies down to relax, their mind is often running around in circles. It results in distraction. The body finds it hard to fall asleep. So try to clear your mind before sleeping. If you face trouble clearing your mind, try to imagine a relaxing scenario. The scenario can be anything, you sitting on a beach, or going hiking with friends. As long as your mind is empty of all thoughts but one, this technique should work.

b. Eat carbohydrates before sleeping-

Carbs are good. A recent study in Japan indicates that eating carbs before going to sleep helps the body relax. Eating simpler forms of carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes are easy to digest for the body. Since the digestive system of the body won’t be working hard to digest the dinner, one can fall asleep faster. That is why doctors recommend eating a light dinner loaded with carbohydrates. Since the body gets less food, it works less to digest it. Carbohydrates provide the body with enough energy to function throughout the night.

c. Get a good bed-

The place where you sleep factors how well you sleep, and how fast you fall asleep. Hence, your bed’s mattress must be comfortable. If one feels that they are not getting rest even after sleeping, try switching mattress. Also, there is no universal standard for a good mattress. Some people like their mattress firm, while others like theirs to be soft. So get a mattress of your own choice. If a regular firm mattress doesn’t feel right, try getting a new, softer one.

d. Cut off from electronic devices-

When you lie down to sleep, try to seclude the smartphone usage. People who use smartphone right before going to bed often have a hard time clearing their mind. Thus, falling asleep becomes a constant struggle for them. Hence, doctors often recommend going ‘Caveman’ when going to bed. So when you get to your bed, don’t try using the phone to fall asleep faster. Also, using a tablet to read books is also not good. The light from the device dilates the pupils, making it difficult for the eye muscles to relax.

e. Stimulate your brain into relaxing-

Technology is not bad at all times. Using modern day technology in an incorrect way can be harmful. It not only deprives you of sleep. The results in many problems too. But, there are certain inventions that have also made it easier to sleep. Scientists have had success in relaxing the brain by stimulating a relaxing environment. One can also achieve this relaxing environment at home. Setting low volume soothing music in the smartphone can be beneficial. It helps to stimulate a relaxing environment. Also, it isn’t essential to sleep in a dark room. It is quite easy to find dark relaxing light, set them and make your own sleeping room.

Most of the methods mentioned above help fall asleep fast. However, one must remember it is also important to have quality sleep. It doesn’t necessarily mean that falling asleep faster results in good quality sleep. A night of good quality sleep allows the body to relax completely. Often with no distraction, lights or external sounds, one can achieve a good quality sleep. Waking up from such a sleep prepares you for the upcoming day while keeping the body fresh. People who get a good quality sleep of 7 hours often don’t feel drowsy during the day. They have the energy to do almost all the tasks they have.


It is clear that sleep is very important to stay in good health. Now you know the ways that can help you sleep in a proper way. Well, there is something else that you can do too. You can use CBD oil. CBD will help you enjoy a sound sleep. You will be able to fight sleeping disorders as well. CBD comes with a lot of benefits. It offers calming effects to the nerves. Using CBD will help you in the long run to sleep and carry on with other activities in your daily life.