How Much Sleep Does a Person Need?

how much sleep does a person need

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need?

Are you taking enough rest to live a healthy and active lifestyle? In the current scenario, most of the people are facing sleep-related problems. It can lead to several other health-related issues for sure. Sleep is a vital indicator of your well-being and health. Most of the people know that it is necessary to take good quality sleep at night. Yet most of the people are unable to follow such kind of healthy sleep routine at the present time. You may have many priorities. For example, you may have to work for long hours. Some people also like watching their favorite movie or fiddling with their smartphone. They do this before going to bed. But, you should never avoid the need for proper sleep. To stay healthy and active a good and sound sleep is a must.

Why is sleeping so important for us?

It is important for everyone to have good quality and quantity of sleep. Sleep is an important factor that affects your physical as well as mental health in some of the other manner. There are many more advantages to taking good quality sleep. It helps to improve your brain and heart health among others. There is no other activity where you will avail of so many advantages with such small efforts. In this kind of situation, it is very important to know how much sleep does a person need? Good quality sleep will depend on several factors and you will know about it further.

If you have a busy schedule and you are unable to have enough sleep at night, it will definitely affect your health. It will affect your health in many ways. You will notice that your energy levels are going down and are in a bad mood. Your mental sharpness, ability to handle anxiety and stress and many more things will go for a toss. If you are following such kind of routine for a long time, it will show some bad effects. You will find it surprising to see the bad changes in your physical and mental health. Hence, proper and timely sleep is a must.

Average Sleep Needs by Age:


Hours Needed

Maybe appropriate

Newborn to 3 months old

14 – 17 Hrs

11 – 19 Hrs

4 to 11 months old

12 – 15 Hrs

10 – 18 Hrs

1 to 2 years old

11 – 14 Hrs

9 – 16 Hrs

3 to 5 years old

10 – 13 Hrs

8 – 14 Hrs

6 to 13 years old

9 – 11 Hrs

7 – 12 Hrs

14 to 17 years old

8 – 10 Hrs

7 – 11 Hrs

Young adults (18 to 25 years old)

7 – 9 Hrs

6 – 11 Hrs

Adults (26 to 64 years old)

7 – 9 Hrs

6 – 10 Hrs

Older adults (65+)

7 – 8 Hrs

5 – 9 Hrs

With this table, you will get a better idea that how much sleep does a person need? It actually depends on factors such as the age, health and regular routine that you follow. If you also want to know about the requirements of your body for asleep, you can elevate the routine of the day. If you are struggling with mood swings then it is a sign that you do not sleep well. You may have other issues as well. You will feel a lack of energy while working. You will not feel active and alert. You should definitely give your body a good and tight sleep to refresh it.

The importance of sleeping time and sleep quality:

Sleeping helps you rejuvenate and your body feels refreshed. Thus, this is one aspect that needs attention. It will definitely important to configure the quality of the sleep that you are having. If you are spending enough time in your bed tossing and turning, then it means you can’t sleep. If there are issues to wake up in the morning, it may be due to low quality sleep at night.

When you want to configure how much sleep does a person need, then you should definitely know about several stages of your sleep. It is definitely important that you can take deep sleep and REM sleep at night. Deep sleep is definitely beneficial to repair the body and build up more energy for the upcoming day. In the same way, REM sleep is essential for the boosting of your mood and refreshment of your mind for the next day.

Take proper sleep to live healthy and active:

If you are unable to have at least 8 hours of sleep every night, then there will be chances that you are sleep deprived. It is possible that you may be asleep deprived without knowing about it. In this kind of situation, you will need to understand the signs of it. You may have such a situation if you are unable to wake up without an alarm clock. If you are using a snooze feature of your alarm every day then it means you are not sleeping properly. You will definitely have a hard time to wake up every morning. You will not feel relaxed and have no energy to work. To have a good kick start to your day a tight sleep is a must. All said and done, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle then you must follow the old idiom, early to bed and early to rise.


It is quite clear that sleep is very important to live an active and healthy life. Following regular sleeping patterns can be difficult at times, but not every day. If you are not sleeping properly on a consistent basis then it’s time to take action. One more thing which you can do with the other suggestions is that make use of the CBD oil. The oil is useful for getting a sound sleep. CBD comes from the cannabis plant and it allows you to relax. It keeps your brain and nerves calm. Once you are in a calm state of mind then it’s easy to fall asleep. You can try using CBD for sleeping well.