How Light Affects Your Sleep?

how light affects your sleep

How Light Affects Your regular Sleep?

Light is one of the most important factors that have a profound impact on our sleep. Light during day time stimulates the right energy in our body. It also encourages the feeling of alertness. The light exposure at night can also lead to alertness, which can be a grave issue. It may also have a considerable impact on health. Light affects your sleep in many ways. There should be enough amount of darkness in your room. If your room is not dark then frequent awakenings may disturb your sleep. A sound sleep is a necessity as it relaxes your body and mind. Sleep channelizes your energy in the right possible way. Lack of sleep can lead to several health issues.

Darkness Influences Sleep

Darkness plays a very important role making it essential for a peaceful sleep. Our body receives critical signals from our mind in the absence of light. This indicates now it is time to rest. The internal “Sleep Clock” has an effect on our body. If our body is exposed to light at the wrong times. The “Sleep Clock” in our body regulates our sleep-wake cycles. Melatonin is the sleep hormone influences of sleep by sending signals to our body. After receiving this signal our body muscles start to relax leading to drowsiness. The Melatonin levels rise as the evening darkens and is at peak during the night. Light has a considerable impact on the quantity and quality of our sleep.

Sleep problems

The advent of light and electricity has changed our relationship with light. The artificial light challenges the quality and quantity of our sleep. It is important to know the detrimental effects of lack of sleep. The lights from the gadgets have a strong impact on our sleep. These gadgets challenge our sleep. Most of the people are habitual of using electronics during the night time. This is not right. It disturbs your sleep.

Effect on our body

Several health issues may arise due to lack of sleep or irregular sleep timings. Some of the problems that may arise due to insufficient sleep are mention below:

  1. Depression
  2. Obesity
  3. Cancer
  4. Bad reproductive health

Effect of Light

Light is one of the most important external factors that affect our sleeping patterns. It has a direct impact on your body by making it difficult to sleep. Light also has an indirect effect on influencing timings of our internal clock. The light affects the light-sensitive cell in our eyes. These cells regulate our vision and tell our brain it is daytime or night time. Our sleeping patterns are set according to the signals that we receive from the brain. The unpredictable effects on your internal clock. are caused due to sudden exposure to light in the middle of the night. The light emitted from the phone screens and laptops is very hard on the eye. It disturbs one so much that falling asleep becomes a problem. Thus, the next day people feel stressed out. They have concentration issues and it leads to unnecessary stress as well.

Jet Lag and Work Shifts

The people who travel across time zones or have work shifts generally have Insomnia. Their sleeping patterns are not fixed. Hence, they may feel sleepy during day time when their internal clocks signal that it is time to sleep. It is observed that have of the people who work in shifts suffer from this problem.

Pain, Anxiety and other conditions

Lack of Sleep and exposure to light at odd hours can lead to several medical issues. The lights play a very important role. It regulates the structure as well as the distribution of sleep. Keeping the room dark while sleeping is very important to sleep better. Insufficient sleep leads to several health issues and medical problems such as

  1. Premenstrual syndrome
  2. Chronic Pain
  3. Gastro
  4. Acidity
  5. Discomfort
  6. Anxiety
  7. Stress etc.

These conditions can also disrupt your sleep.

Sleep Environment

It is lucrative to create a very pleasant and soothing sleep environment. One should not be exposed to too much light at night. The night light should be dim in bedrooms. Turn off all the screens such as a computer, mobile, tablets, laptops, etc.

Their glow can disturb your sleep and hence they should be switch off at least an hour before you go to sleep. Curtains are a great way to restrict outside light and create the perfect setting. Wearing a sleep mask can also help you to get a peaceful sleep. Using colored light can also be very effective. Do not turn on lights at night. Avoid turning bright lights even if you are going to the bathroom. Using a flashlight or red light can guide you in the necessary direction. Must to plan your light. It is also recommended to seek near darkness for a sound and peaceful sleep.

Sleep is a very delicate process can interfere with light. It is a must to ensure light does not affect your sleep. One should control the light from artificial sources and make sure they do not hamper one’s sleep. Having a decent and fix sleeping routine can be very beneficial. It will inculcate the right energy in you and gets you prepared for the next day. An undisturbed sleep of at least 7-8 hours in must. The awareness about the effect of light on our body is vital. It will trigger you to pay more attention to the lights and improve the night rest.


Sleep is important for all. Light can affect your comfortable sleep and it is important to control it while sleeping. The use of CBD oil is beneficial to get a sound sleep. The oil has some healing properties. It regulates mood and reduces anxiety. The soothing effects of the oil will calm your nerves and allow you to sleep in a more comfortable way. The oil will help you to sleep better at night and you must take care of the light as well in your room.