A Wellness Life Guide

Good Well  – There are many perceptions of the definition of the Wellness. Though many views are trying to interpret the exact meaning, the concrete answer is the same. The most common and accepted definition of Wellness is as below:

  1. Wellness is a process of evolving to attain the full potential of this body with the right conscious.
  2. Wellness is a multidimensional lifestyle to tame both body and soul for a spiritual existence.
  3. Wellness is a medium for creating positive vibes in and around a person.
  4. When these three are combined, we get the holistic definition as,
  5. “Wellness is a multidimensional lifestyle involving the evolution of both mind and body spiritually by creating positive vibes in and around the physical form.

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness Life

Wellness Life can be now categorized into 8-dimensions. Adapting the right form will help you evolve yourself in all these eight dimensions.


Emotional Wellness helps in regulating mood swings and feelings. It helps in calming the feelings and emotions. Will enable you to establish a successful relationship with others.


Spiritual Wellness is wholly related to one’s values and beliefs. It is now attained from various self-satisfying events such as meditation, volunteering, or spending time with self and nature.


Intellectual Wellness focuses mainly on the creative side and unique talents. It can be evolved or attained by challenging oneself on many occasions like puzzle solving, Sudoku, and many more.


Physical Wellness revolves around physical activity, healthy practices, and more. Some of the events for maintaining physical Wellness are yoga, bike riding, climbing, jogging, and more.


Environmental Wellness is all about the objects that surround us. It may include pollution, violence, garbage, water, and more. It establishes a connection with the environment we are in.


Financial Wellness Life is the self-satisfaction of your financial situation. It can be managed easily with basic practices.


Satisfaction with the work or the choice of action. It includes balancing work-life and leisure time.


A sense of connectedness and inclusiveness. Build a strong and positive network of people around you.

why Wellness Life matters?

It is a simple question with a little complicated answer. Wellness issues as it is an integral part of the whole lifecycle. Wellness tames the body and mind. It evolves the physical form to the full potential.

Adapting a wellness lifestyle will create more positive energy around which will regulate the system. It needs no supervision or extra effort as it will become part of your lifestyle once you started. Wellness Life : Wellness is a spiritual cleansing process that will clear your mind and body. It should be part of everyone’s life as it will develop a good and positive attitude on a spiritual level.

Tourism is a booming industry and Wellness; being the focus is now boosting it further. The results have shown a drastic increase in the world Wellness tourism and the tourism sector itself.

  1. The wellness tourism aims at improving the below aspects:
  2. Rest & Rejuvenation – Aims at resting and rejuvenating both the mind and soul
  3. Disease prevention management – Improves and maintains the body for disease prevention and control
  4. Extend & discover healthy lifestyles – Encourages to move out of the comfort zone and explore more on valid lifestyle
  5. Authentic & transformative experiences – Feel the difference at the end of the trip
  6. Meaning, Connection & Joy – Find meaning and connection during the journey and feel the eternal joy.

Wellness communities have shown enormous growth in the year 2015-2017.

  1. The global market size in 2017 was $134 billion. The speculated growth in 2022 is $198 billion.
  2. The annual growth in the period 2015-2017 was 6.4%.
  3. The Wellness community aims at four essential concepts. They are:
  4. From “no harm” to optimizing the Wellness – To construct houses that will enhance our well-being
  5. From passive to active Wellness – Encourage proactive behaviors for effective Wellness
  6. From hardware to software – Concentrate on social and human connections than only mortar and bricks connection
  7. From “me” to “we” – Establish an interconnected society for complete well-being rather than the self.

Every company is now trying to implement Workplace wellness for the well-being of the employees.

  1. It majorly includes the transformation from depression, addiction, anxiety to a connected, delightful environment.
  2. Some of the significant changes that are expected here include implementing physical wellness dimensions. It consists of a few sports, group activities, and more.
  3. However, this small market benefits only the workforce who are in the world’s wealthier economy.
  4. The majority of workers are still concerned about fulfilling the basic needs like wages for living, job stability, and more.
  5. The United States aims at increasing this workplace wellness expenditure as the companies bear complete healthcare Wellness Life.

Wellness Industry Statistics & Facts

The recent research on the Wellness Industry Statistics & Facts reveals that the Wellness industry is growing in mass. It is leading to the next economic trend, and the various sectors play a significant role as an influencer. With the growing awareness of Wellness, the industries are also growing and evolving accordingly. This research was mainly focused on the part of Wellness in the primary sectors like tourism, communities, real estate, spa, minerals, and beauty sectors.

Wellness Life : The final findings conclude that the Wellness industry has grown and has a higher scope both in the economic and self-grooming aspect shortly.

Thermal springs are well-known for relaxing the body muscles and to rejuvenate the body. These Hot springs are now created artificially for commercial purposes. However, artificial springs are made for fun or just relaxation.

  1. Wellness Thermal/Mineral springs are developed for providing a complete source of essential minerals for evolving our body.
  2. This industry is highly concentrated in the Asia-Pacific and Europe regions. The revenues concentrated in these regions are 95% and 94% of the world’s income.
  3. The Thermal/Mineral springs help in healing and relaxing the body most beneficially.
  4. Here, it allows the consumer to experience the connection with nature, culture, and alternative modules for healing, rehabilitation, and more.

The Spa Industry aims at rejuvenating the body cells and the mind. It is a therapeutic industry which streamlines the entire body system.

  1. These therapies will help in calming the minds and relaxes the body muscles.
  2. The Spa Industry has grown in the past years, and it also plays a significant role in tourism.
  3. It is categorized under both primary and secondary Good Well as it can be either the main focus of the trip or just an addition to the journey.
  4. This industry has contributed more to the world economy and is speculated to grow more in the future.

Beauty & Anti-Aging is now the latest wellness trend. Now you can enjoy Beauty & Anti-aging wellness with the latest evolution in the industry. What’s more? This industry aims at natural ways of attaining both internal and external beauty.

  1. The latest research by the Global Wellness Institute states that personal care can be attained with natural methods. It all depends on personal responsibility and Wellness.
  2. The beauty and personal care sector is of $1082.9 billion worth in the global market.
  3. The annual rate of growth was 4.1% for the period 2015-2017.